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About Me

My interest in jewellery making was inspired many years ago when my mother used to make her own earrings, on our visits to a local bead shop I was in heaven with all the beads that surrounded me.

Many years later my interest was rediscovered after I had my daughter, with some time on my hands I took to jewellery making , experimenting with a variety of styles and learning new techniques as I progressed.  Two years ago I wanted to learn how to make my own glass lamp beads, unfortunately I just didn't have the space but upon my research into lamp beads I stumbled across polymer clay and I was in awe of the creations that could be made from this medium and so my story has just begun...

Pink & White owl Themed Charm Bracelet Commission

About my Jewellery -

All my jewellery pieces have been individually handcrafted here in the UK by myself Clare Lewis.  I am self-taught and my favourite medium is polymer clay which features in many of my designed pieces either as a focal point or as an accompaniment to an array of beads ranging from Swarovski crystal, rocailles, lamp beads and more.  Almost all of my pieces are unique and one of a kind OOAK, though occasionally some items will be similar in design.

All my polymer clay collections have been sanded, buffed and polished and in some cases varnished to a high standard of finish.

Midnight Tango Ribbon Necklace

How to care for your Jewellery -

My jewellery is finished with silver or gold plated jewellery findings.  Handcrafted jewellery can be fragile and care should be taken with handmade jewellery.  It is advised that to avoid tarnishing you should not allow handcrafted jewellery to come into contact with your perfume and keep your pieces stored safely in a box out of direct sunlight to keep it looking as good as new.  You can however polish using a silver polishing cloth to keep your items looking just like new.

Hedge Sparrow Nest Necklace
And the Rest

Well I love running and cross stitch but really I am a bit of a Geek, well actually a total Geek, I love online gaming, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, True Blood and my newest obsession is Game of Thrones not just the TV programme but also the brilliant books by George R Martin and I could go on about it all day so I better stop there.