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Tuesday, 16 November 2010

My Kalediscope Cane Needs Something More

I guess the title sums up my post pretty well, I decided to use up some old canes  and practice Kaleidoscope Canes at the same time and this is the result

Kaleidoscope Cane - The original old cane is the centre lilac circle which has unfortunately lost most of its pattern in the cane reduction

I do like the cane but when i use it to create a sheet it just looks too dark it needs something more, something brighter at least it is a lesson to be learnt.

Also should Kaleidoscope canes be reasonably large to maintain the detail of the cane, I think maybe so and I will have to get over my miserly use of clay next time round.

Monday, 8 November 2010

New Xmas Beads Now Available

Here's my completed Xmas Beads now available for sale at The Beady Shop, they have been handcrafted using polymer clay and I have included microfine powders too.

Polymer Clay Sparkly Xmas Pudding Beads 12mm

Polymer Clay Xmas Pudding Beads 14mm

Polymer Clay Robin Beads 12x16mm

Saturday, 6 November 2010

A Sneak Peak

A quick sneak peak at my current work in progress Poppy Fields and Robins (though not together)

Poppy fields - A Pendant which needs finishing, possible framing not quite made up my mind yet and a set of 3 pillow beads (not yet cooked)

My little Christmas Robin beads, this picture of them lined up reminds me of the song Two Little Dicky Birds

Alcohol Inks and Foils : Part II

Alcohol Inks and Foils Part 2

Just slightly late :)

I have finally got round to taking my final photos of my work on alcohol inks and foils so here we go

My Pebble Pendant Necklace

My Autumn Toned Heart Pin

Molten On Black Lentil Bead Set now available for sale from TheBeadyShop.co.uk
Molten On Black Round Bead Set now available for sale from TheBeadyShop.co.uk
I really pleased with how this technique has worked and can't wait to try more colours !

If you missed part 1 here it is Alcohol Inks and Foils Part 1