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Thursday, 28 July 2011

The premo test

And here is the offending bead, it only reminds me why I was happy with Kato I was so familiar with it and it worked well with fimo classic that it wouldn't burn hmmm

Testing out premo

I recently ran out of transparent kato, despite using fimo classic for my work I was looking to change over to kato for my cane work after reading some blogs on how much better it is for caning.
Well it would seem that over here in the UK there seems to be a shortage of kato at the moment something to do with supplier issues. So putting aside my wish to convert to Kato till a later date I need to find an alternative transparent clay for my current canon work.
Fimo transparent is now only supplied in small blocks, bit of a pain so I decided to try premo accents and while I was at ordered some premo small packs to see what it was like to cane with.
I hate it, to start it smells weird to me, quite a strong smell I felt, 2nd I can't run it through my pasta machine on setting 5 even 4 on occasions it kept sticking to my machine and lastly I didn't feel it was firm enough on forming the shape of my cane and on reduction some parts totally twisted. See below

Saturday, 2 July 2011

New millefiori canes

Here's some new millefiori canes in yellow I'm working on expanding my floral canes in a wider variety of colours for both jewellery and beads.