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Monday, 11 March 2013

Treasury Tuesday

'Happy and bright' by Corydora

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CraftArtEdu Review for Polymer Clay Tutorials Part 1

Following on from my mini post From the Craft Book to the PDF - Online Polymer Clay Tutorials this weekend, here's a review of a tutorial class I have tried with CraftArtEdu.com

I've had my eye on CraftArtEdu's polymer clay tutorials for a while but I've always found their higher prices slightly off putting, are they really value for money?

My initial thoughts had always been that for the price of the one online tutorial I could by a book full of tutorials, so where is the incentive to buy?  Well it would seem that quite a few of the artists that had initally published books are now have tutorials available on CraftArtEdu, so if like me you have a favourite artist or technique that you want to learn this is now the place to go.

A few weeks back they offered a free promotional download via email for the polymer clay tutorial Have a Heart by Donna Kato, with Donna being one of my favourite polymer clay artists it was an opportunity not to be missed.

So what do you get with a CraftArtEdu tutorial? Well initially when the website first started purchased classes where only available to view for a limited period of time, thankfully this has now changed and you are able to view the video classes an unlimited amount of times.  Classes will consist of a tutorial video and material list and its worth noting that some classes will also consist you will also get a PDF file of your class, though this can vary with each class, so be sure to check.

Have a Heart by Donna Kato Part 1 

Have a Heart Donna Kato's polymer Clay CraftArtEdu Class
Have a Heart Donna Kato's polymer Clay CraftArtEdu Class

Upon purchase the email link for my class was sent quickly, which is perfect for all the crafter's out there, after all we are an impatient lot when it comes to wanting to learn new things.

This class was spilt in to 3 parts, an introduction which is usually free and a teaser to tempt you into purchasing the class and then 2 more sections Part 1 was for the assembly of the cane that will be used in Part 2 creating your jewellery piece. For this review I'll be focusing on part 1 of the cane assembly.

Now I thought that the class video would actually be them showing you how its done, as it done, pretty much like many tutorials on YouTube, but its not, its a video class of images showing you each part for which the tutor talks over explaining what to do and also includes written directions to.  How is this any different to a book tutorial? well the video class contains a lot more pictures than a book with more detail for the techniques used, for this particular tutorials cane construction it was great, I could move the player back and forth through sections I didn't understand to get it right and Donna's instructions where very clear to work with.  I actually watched the video first and then got all my materials together to go through the class again, I could stop and rewind as necessary and the class moved at a good working pace.

My polymer clay cane construction for Donna Katos Have a Heart class on CraftArtEdu.com
My polymer clay cane construction for Donna Katos Have a Heart class on CraftArtEdu.com

A plus for this method of tutorial was getting tips from the tutor on techniques to improve my work, which is invaluable, just like being in a real class with the tutor which is what CraftArtEdu is trying to do, make a online tutorial class for everyone to be able to access and not replace tutorial books.

Despite my love for book tutorials I was pleasantly surprised with the class I really enjoyed it and I'm delighted with my completed cane for part 1 and can't wait to grab some time to move onto part 2.

My completed cane for Donna Kato's Have a Heart class waiting for Part 2
My completed cane for Donna Kato's Have a Heart class waiting for Part 2

Would I buy again and pay the higher price? yes I would, I think like most crafter's if there's a technique or particular item you want to learn to make you will ultimately pay any price to learn it and CraftArtEdu classes are a very enjoyable way to do it.

Did you miss my post on digital tutorials here From the Craft Book to the PDF - Online Polymer Clay Tutorials.

Update 22nd April 2013
You can now find Part 2 here  CraftArtEdu Review The Finished Results Part Two
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