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Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Microfine Glitter, a more successful attempt

On Sunday I had more time to experiment with the micro fine glitters and this is my creation, also my first attempt at making a donut and I must say I am very pleased with this bead.

My first thoughts on the micro fine was that it is very limited in the ways you can apply it using a brush, dabbing and rubbing the glitter in to create a fuller colour, my initial presumption was that I would be able to create more delicate patterns using the glitter but I just don't think this is possible, that said I have since learnt other methods of applying the glitter and created some nice beads I am really pleased with and that I am planning on creating a necklace with.
I do need to try some more experiments Ii would like to know if its possible to apply liquid polymer clay onto a glitter base and then apply cane slices onto this but I haven't had time as yet to try this, I will let you know when I find out.Microfine glitter on polymer clay beads

Microfine Glitter

Microfine glitter on polymer clay beads
So my Micro Fine Glitter and Alcohol Inks (from EJR Beads) arrived Friday just gone and I didn't get much time initially to play with them but here's a photo of my testing of the first colours. The smaller beads I have coated in each colour the larger bead I attempted to do some sort of pattern on them very unsuccessfully. The mistake i made on these first trial beads was to just coat them and cook them but I now know that to achieve the best colour from the Glitter you need to rub it in.
You can also see from these beads that the base colour of the clay you are using does have some effect on the resulting colour as the bead that looks pink is in fact covered with a copper type micro fine glitter but the clay underneath was pink.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

My First Attempts with Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay beads - Bulles eye cane
I am at the moment waiting for some alcohol inks and micro powders (i think they are) to arrive but the postie ain't here yet :( I got some good ideas of what i want to do with them.

Anyway I thought I'd start by telling you of my first experience with polymer clay I went out and bought one of the Fimo kids packs, the ones that contain 25g packs in about 5 or 6 colours (cost me about £10 to £12). I had nothing else no blades no roller and definitely no pasta machine. I decided to attempt a lace cane following this tutorial here.
And I was hooked !!!.


This is my blog about my experiences with polymer clay. I have been crafting handmade jewellery for a few years now but at the start this year I decided i wanted to start making my own beads and was interested in Glass Lamp Working after my research I reluctantly decided that it wasn't for me given I had no suitable space for lamp working. Then in April this year I discovered Polymer Clay whilst browsing the forum boards on the UK Beaders site and seeing some of the fantastic beads and more that can be created using Polymer Clay.

So I set about getting myself the basics I needed and I have been claying ever since. This blog is really about my learning experience with polymer clay good and bad as I practice and try out all the different techniques used and create my beads and jewellery along the way.

All my handcrafted jewellery pieces can be seen at my website Lottie of London.