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Thursday, 3 September 2009


This is my blog about my experiences with polymer clay. I have been crafting handmade jewellery for a few years now but at the start this year I decided i wanted to start making my own beads and was interested in Glass Lamp Working after my research I reluctantly decided that it wasn't for me given I had no suitable space for lamp working. Then in April this year I discovered Polymer Clay whilst browsing the forum boards on the UK Beaders site and seeing some of the fantastic beads and more that can be created using Polymer Clay.

So I set about getting myself the basics I needed and I have been claying ever since. This blog is really about my learning experience with polymer clay good and bad as I practice and try out all the different techniques used and create my beads and jewellery along the way.

All my handcrafted jewellery pieces can be seen at my website Lottie of London.