Saturday, 9 March 2013

From the Craft Book to the PDF - Online Polymer Clay Tutorials

It would seem that fiction books are not the only victims of modern technology, craftbooks are also now finding themselves digitalised into PDF's and on-line video content, so much so that very few polymer clay books are now be publishing, personally I find this a shame I love a good craft book for polymer clay and I can endlessy flick through the gorgeous pictures, I always refer to my books for information and when you have a passion for a craft you just can't beat a good book.

Polymer Clay Books
Polymer Clay Books

Of course not every crafter has the means to publish a book and modern technology has therefore opened up not only their world in being able to show there craft but also ours for being able to have a good old nose, this undoubtedly has to be the biggest advantage there is crafting in a digital era.

So what types of digital on-line crafts tutorials are available?

Blogs & Websites - Many bloggers love to post tutorials, tips and advice for there craft and if the blogger is still blogging, you can comment and/or ask any questions you may have.  The same can be said for websites with some tutorials now available from larger company websites such as Sculpey, fan based websites like Polymer Clay Central and magazine tutorials like Make Jewellery though occasionally some magazines will charge a fee for their tutorials.

 YouTube - Anyone can upload a video tutorial these days and YouTube has thousands simply search Polymer clay Tutorials to start,  of course quality will vary but you can find some great gems and new techniques.

Selling Platforms - Quite a few crafters have now made their tutorials available for purchase in downloadable PDF form, you can find these tutorials available on handmade websites such as Etsy or Folksy to name but a few, these are obviuosly avaiable to print off and keep at your own disposable.

A selection of Polymer Clay Tutorial PDF's for sale from Eugena on Etsy
A selection of Polymer Clay Tutorial PDF's for sale from Eugena on Etsy - Is a website dedicated to clayers, set up to provide a large variety of tutorials for sale from a variety of artists with assorted techniques and skill levels.  Tutorials vary in price and are available for download for you too keep, each tutorial also offers you the ability to ask the creator questions.  - A very professional crafters website set up by Donna Kato to offer a unique online crafting experience.  Tutorials are available for a wide selection of crafts from jewellery, polymer clay, fine arts and more.  The classes are in video form and they are quite a bit more expensive than those mentioned above however as mentioned the classes are of a very high standard.

If you know of any more tutorial websites please feel free to add them in my comments below.

Update 11th March 2013
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