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Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Back to the books

I've felt a bit stuck in a rut creatively of late as I've had so many other important things going on I just haven't been inspired to clay. However i decided yesterday that I should go back to the books and work on some projects.

I chose Donna Katos - The Art of Polymer Clay - Millefiori Techniques as I love caning but wanted to try some simpler techniques, so I chose the Pop Art Pin and here is my version

I did have some trouble with spotted cane for this technique, it took me a few tries as I just couldn't get the red spots to stay round when reducing the cane, this could have been because I was using soft clay for both the red and black. I finally settled on getting the spots as rounded as I think they could be.  I will definitely have to try this cane again with a firmer type.