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Sunday, 19 February 2012

Inspirations from Paris Fashion Week 2012

I was recently inspired by Lava dress I saw at Paris fashion week by Stephane Roland as part of his Haute-Couture Collection

 I love the simplicity of the black and white but the flash of red I feel adds an inner layer a glimpse of another side of ones personality maybe.

So with this inspiration I have been working on some clay pieces here

Monochrome Floral Brooch

Monochrome Pendant

Monochrome Wrap Beads

Its not actually as simple as one would think you really have to get the balance of the red right and in the right place too some styles I tried just would not work.  Here are some bracelets I also made, my intention was for a single red bead to be included with each bracelet but the balance was just not right, it could have been because they where solid red beads unlike my pieces above where the red had been wrap around a black bead breaking the colour up.

Monochrome White Floral Bracelet

Monochrome Black Floral Bracelet