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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Help me find my MOJO

Who Stole my MoJO!

What do you do when you feel your motivation slowly slipping away from you. Since January I have felt like I've been on a mad roller coaster ride of making, creating, blogging, promoting, listing and networking so much so I needed many to do lists to keep me on track.

But over the last few weeks I have felt my motivation slipping away, slowly at first but this last week it seems to be rapidly gaining momentum, I have been keeping my head down doing my best to focus on my to do lists and keep ploughing through my work in the hope it will suddenly return but to no avail and now I find myself asking, before it runs away for good:

How can I get my Creative Mojo Back

So please help, comment and share your tips and ideas on how to get your motivation moving again, do you know any inspirational blogs or websites to kick you into gear or so you simple have some great tips or motivational quotes you can share to help me.

Image source from http://toons.wikia.com/wiki/Mojo_Jojo