Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Catch Up Marathon Looming

 Well this pretty much sums it up!!

Marathon Day is looming this Sunday 14th April 2013 in Brighton and my feelings are shifting from panic and fear to oddly enough excitement, now I never thought I'd feel excited but when I look at last years pictures of the runners in the Brighton Marathon I get butterflies and I can't wait though this could become nausea by Saturday night.

Right now I have the pleasure of starting my carb loading in prep for the big day, after all there had to be a plus somewhere to all this training.

Carb Loading

On reflection when I first started running nearly 4 years ago with little 15 min jogs on the treadmill I can't believe how far I've come.  Training has been gruelling not so much the runs but the fatigue and tiredness in between and the cold weather we have had has been unbearable at times.

But its done tonight I will jog my last before stuffing my face Bring It On!!

Running the Brighton Marathon 2013 for Cancer Research  

Guess How Long It Will Take Me to Run the Marathon for Cancer Research