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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Alcohol Marker Pens on Polymer Clay

I purchased some alcohol marker pens by Spectrum Noir last year for trying out on polymer clay.

My theory is that as alcohol inks are usable on polymer clay surely it would be possible to also be able to use the pens with a more controlled colouring effect on clay too. I have only had a chance to have a quick test of the pens but here are some examples of my first mini try out.

I made some small tiles of white clay both raw and cooked to test the pens here are my results.

Testing Alcohol pens on Polymer Clay
Testing Alcohol inks on polymer clay

The above picture is done on raw clay with just the pens.

Below I used the pens as seen in the first photo and then decided to mix it up with some mixing fluid which I thought made it a little on the mucky side.

Testing Alcohol pens on Polymer Clay
Testing Alcohol pens on Polymer Clay

Here I played around with some stamped clay.

Testing Alcohol Pens on Polymer Clay
Testing Alcohol Pens on Polymer Clay

The best result I believe is with cooked clay mainly due to the fact that on raw clay some of the clay does stick to the pens which I believe will ultimately shorten the life of the pens and given their price this wouldn't be a good thing.
The effects are not as great as I hoped but I do plan to test these out some more to see if I can get some different effects.

Until next time!

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