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Saturday, 28 May 2011

Updates on previous Posts

Here's an update on my previous posts where pieces where not finished or complete.

Firstly my necklace to go with my new Irregular Choice Shoes here it is

I was thinking of making some floral beads with some polymer millefiori canes but I decided to go with keeping it simple in the end.

Another catch up was on the tutorial I had tried by River Valley Design, here are the sanded, buffed and polished finial pieces.

Well I still don't like the pieces and they will have to go into my bin of rejects, the reason I don't like it though is not because I have the wrong type of texture mould but because I don't like the colours from the alcohol inks.  The Blue/Yellow (the first pendant) is probably the better of the three, I'm afraid this may fall into my failed alcohol inks pile, I think I went over the top with the inks and used every colour I had, a lesson to be learnt.

But I now finally have some new texture plates by Walnut Hollow which seem more suited to the tutorial and I will putting to the test very soon.

Finally I have been teaching my daughter Amelie (age 8) a few clay techniques and here is what she has made

Her millefiroi cane is still sitting in the fridge waiting to be used on some beads :)