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Monday, 30 January 2012

A colour dilemma

I seem to be stuck a bit of a pink and blue colour rut with regards to my current millefiori canes, I seem to have amassed quite a few now and feel the need to expand my colour collection.

So my aim is to create some new colour millefiori canes and even try to experiment with my colour mixes. Here is my first attempt

Yes that is still a hint of a very pale blue but my main aim was to go for a champagne yellow tone and thought that a pale pastel blue would be an interesting colour combination. I like it but how it will reduce I'm not too sure, I didn't want to go too dark on the outer layers but as I have found out before with my canes this can mean they lose definition.

To make this cane I used a free tutorial from Sandie Weatherford - BeadyEyeBrat

Update Here is a sample bead I made, the flower is quite pale with the blue and the veins are barely visible on reduction but I like that its subtle