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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Filling up Shelf Space

I took the plunge and booked a shelf space at the wonderful shop Things British in Carnaby Street in Londons West End,  its a fantastic little shop that hires out shelf space for all things handcrafted, unique and special created by crafters from the UK.

I have visited the shop a couple of times now and I could spend hours in there looking at all the lovely pieces from a wide collection of hand crafted items.

So I have been non stop claying, sanding (my poor fingers) and making ready for the items to adorn my self in just over a weeks time.

My Chocolate Candy Charm Bracelet Made for my Things British Shelf
Chocolate Candy Charm Bracelet

Chocolate Candy Charm Bracelet

I have to admit I am both a little nervous and very excited this will be my first time displaying my pieces, but this year I hope to start attending some craft fairs and rent more shelf space.

Planning ideas for my shelf space