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Monday, 23 July 2012

Colouring Mixing Polymer Clay Pantone Fall 2012

So I finally got round to a day of colour mixing for Pantone's colour predictions for Fall 2012.

As clayer's already know polymer clay does come in a vast range of colours, but I've learnt a lot about mixing my own colours using a fantstic book called Polymer Clay Colour Inspirations by Lindly Haunani and Maggie Maggio.

If you are a clayer but haven't come across this book I can highly recommended it as it takes you on a journey of discovering colour with polymer clay, with some great worksheets and beautiful tutorials to boot.

Personally I work with the primary colours of polymer clay being Blue/Ultramarine, Magenta/Red and Yellow, colour mixing to create my own palettes and also working on Pantone's colour predictions for the latest trends in colour.

Colour Mixing with Polymer Clay
Colour Mixing with Polymer Clay
To help with my colour mixing I use my sample colour strings created from my chosen primary colours to help me determine the right mix of colour to achieve my new Pantone colours, again you can learn how to do your own colour strings with the book Polymer Clay Colour Inspirations.

My Pantone Fall 2012 Colours in Polymer Clay
My Pantone Fall 2012 Colours in Polymer Clay
Here are my mixed colours for Fall 2012, I'm delighted with the results.  The bottom three colours Tangerine Tango, Pink Flame and Ultramarine Green do need adjusting with a little more white, as with clay the colours can come out darker once cooked.

Source: pantone.co.uk via Clare on Pinterest

Now its time to start incorporating my new colour palette into my designs.

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