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Monday, 16 July 2012

Summer Crafting Ideas

Lately I have been pinning alot, but it was whilst pinning that I came across an array of crafting ideas that could be of interest for my little one to do (Amelie is 9yrs) during the summer holidays.  Lets face it the summer holidays are only a week away and with the current weather we are having, I'm envisaging many complaints of 'I'm Bored'

So I have been slowly collecting some crafting ideas that will hopefully keep my little one busy on the wet days to come over the summer.  Pinterest and the internet is a great place for findings Tutorials and DIY ideas, some don't even have to be children related, with a little imagination they can be easily adapted to suit a child.

So here is my first find for this week

Turning Cereal Boxes into Organisers

A great idea and one we can do together, I plan to get some very nice paper from PaperChase (never can resist the PaperChase) and making our own organisers for our drawers, to help organise our stationary, my little one is always losing her colouring pens and I'll be honest my drawers are a bit of a state.

My messy drawers need sorting
My messy drawers need sorting

Happy Summer Crafting Everyone

Resource - Cereal box Organisers from The Stonybrook House Blog